Write that book you thought you couldn’t!
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Writing Retreat

How to Plan, Write and Publish Your Book:

Are you an author? Are you thinking of writing a book? Are these your plans?  Do you want to say the words, “I am an author”?

Branding yourself in today’s environment is one of the most difficult things to do. Branding is a creative art, which you have to make happen. How many times have you given away a business card and nothing happened? Imagine giving away an autographed book. It is never thrown away. A book is the best business card you can have.

When in competition with someone else for the same services, you will stand out if you give a book to your clientele: a gift that is sure to be appreciated.
Having a book will dramatically change your life and we at SuccessSpark Brand would like to take that journey with you.

When You Author a Book, the Following Immediately Happens. You:

•    Establish yourself as the authority
•    Leave a legacy
•    You differentiate yourself from the competition
•    Build brand awareness
•    Mark up your authenticity
•    Create brand preference and credibility
•    Make more money
•    Sell more of your products and services
•    Generate additional sources of income
•    Get yourself on radio, television, print media and online
•    Increase your visibility
•    Make prospects call you

What You'll Learn:

•    Identifying the primary objective of your book
•    Writing the right content
•    Developing a book map
•    Why a book map matters to your writing
•    Breaking down writing assignments into manageable segments

Who Should Attend:

•    You have always wanted to write. Make this the year to make good on that dream
•    You finally want to stop thinking about your book and actually write it
•    You have always wanted to write a book but feel like writing belongs to only literary geniuses
•    You have a message you want to share with the world – about your business, professional or life journey
•    You have already written and are interested in improving your writing techniques
•    You are struggling with organizing your content
•    You want the ideas in your book to be supported by your book map