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In-person One-day Book Writing Masterclass




How to Plan, Write and Publish Your Book:

Are you an author? Are you thinking of writing a book? Do you want to say the words, “I am an author”?

Branding yourself in today’s environment is one of the most difficult things to do. Branding is a creative art. How many times have you given away a business card and nothing happened? Imagine giving away an autographed book. It is never thrown away. A book is the best business card you can have.

When in competition with someone else for the same services, you will stand out if you give a book to your clientele: a gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Do not just write and publish. Publish a book that will stand out for its quality and dramatically change your life. We at SuccessSpark Brand would like to take that journey with you.

When You Author a Book, the Following Immediately Happens. You:

•    Establish yourself as the authority
•    Leave a legacy
•    You differentiate yourself from the competition
•    Build brand awareness
•    Mark up your authenticity
•    Create brand preference and credibility
•    Make more money
•    Sell more of your products and services
•    Generate additional sources of income
•    Get yourself on radio, television, print media and online
•    Increase your visibility
•    Make prospects call you

What You'll Learn:

•    Identifying the primary objective of your book
•    Writing the right content
•    Developing a book map
•    Why a book map matters to your writing
•    Breaking down writing assignments into manageable segments

Who Should Attend:

•    You have always wanted to write. Make this the year to make good on that dream
•    You finally want to stop thinking about your book and actually write it
•    You have always wanted to write a book but feel like writing belongs to only literary geniuses
•    You have a message you want to share with the world – about your business, professional or life journey
•    You have already written and are interested in improving your writing techniques
•    You are struggling with organizing your content
•    You want the ideas in your book to be supported by your book map