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Professional Writing Retreats

Did you know that poor corporate writing – in press releases, ads, brochures, websites and more – is costing companies credibility and revenues? Not only is poor corporate writing embarrassing and time wasting, it also makes your organization vulnerable to lawsuits.
A 2011 Communicare survey of Canadian workers revealed that 58 percent of workers spend as many as 4 hours each day reading emails, reports, memos, and online text, which is about 50 percent of a day’s work!
According to this survey, because of poor writing, much of that time is wasted: “71 percent of respondents have heard complaints about writing quality, 63 percent noted writing errors, 70 percent claimed lost productivity as results, and 85 percent say poor writing wastes time.”
The numbers may be much higher in our context because most employees leave the Ugandan education system with poor writing skills.
So while your top management may only see the finished product, they are not involved in the planning, drafting and revising of the final product, and may not understand the time staff waste when faced with a writing task they are not familiar with.
Wasting readers’ time affects your company’s profitability and worker productivity, not only in the actual time spent reading, but in answering the questions that are sure to arise and in clarifying points of the original document.
SuccessSpark Brand Limited, a communications and educational company, is committed to helping you increase your bottom line though equipping you with professional writing skills.
This intense 3 day Specialized Writing Retreat will equip you with more persuasive writing skills.  You will leave with strong writing skillswhich will help improve sales, increase return on your investment, response rate, reader interest or better understanding of policies and benefits.
You will be required to submit a finished report and a report in progress to us before the start of the programme. These reports will be used as case studies during the programme, so that participants can apply the lessons learnt during the workshop to their work.