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Manuscript Editing Surgeries

This intense 5 and a half days surgery is dedicated to making your book work. You will work with highly acclaimed writing tutors to examine the local and global appeal of your book.  This will include looking at the structure, the book map, and the stylistic devices of the book.  You will learn how to navigate plot, character, structure and theme so that your narrative works as a coherent whole.
Students will also learn how to put together a book proposal during this retreat to assist them learn how better to query mainstream publishers.

Students meet in a plenary and later in smaller groups and have one-on-one hour sessions with the faculty.
Students are required to send 50 double spaced pages of their manuscript and a 500- word synopsis.

This editing surgery is limited to 14 students.

What You'll Learn:

•    Identifying the primary objective and themes in your book
•    Writing the right content and how to self- edit
•    Re-developing a book map and why it matters to your writing
•    Putting together a book proposal
•    Developing a marketing plan for your book

Who Should Attend:

•    You have written your book and want an expert opinion
•    You want to learn how to edit your book
•    You want to prepare your book for submission to publishers
•    You want to learn how to market your book