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When my mother who had a great memory passed away, I knew I had to write the family history or we would lose it. I did not know how. I saw the advertisement about training with SuccessSpark Brand Ltd and immediately called Jackee Batanda. We had fun with a small class of 5 on Jackee's verandah. We shared stories and ideas and Jackee guided us gently through best practices and shared books to read. She somehow also managed to provide a nice breakfast and lunch.

I saw my characters come to life under her guidance and I now know my family's story is looking so much better and I am convinced my book will be a best-seller. Thank you Jackee. I need to go to a retreat - Seychelles sounds like fun - so I can have more time to complete the book and begin to work on the next one.

SDG5 Ambassador, President, Business and Professional Women(BPW) Kampala, Uganda
Date of Posting: 29 May 2017
Posted By: Prof. Maggie Kigozi
SDG5 Ambassador, President, Business and Professional Women(BPW) Kampala, Uganda, Uganda
I signed up for the SuccessSpark One-day Book Writing classes, and that became my Aha moment. These classes were the best thing that happened to my idea. The instructor, Jackee Budesta Batanda, insisted I could not embark on my writing until I had the book map sorted. She guided me through how best to focus the book map...By the time I was through with two classes, my writing journey was focused. The process started in November 2015. I am excited that this year, I am looking forward to launching the book, Corporates at A Crossroads: Knowing that Your Job isn't Eternal, and Acting Upon that Knowledge.

Joan Mugenzi
Motivational Trainer
Imagine Me Africa
Date of Posting: 28 March 2017
Posted By: Joan Mugenzi

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