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Writing Retreat 9-12 October 2015 at Bulago Island

We held the first Successspark Brand Writing Retreat 9-12 October 2015 at Bulago Island. It was a small intimate group of writers committed to learning the writing craft.

 If you had travelled with us on the morning of 9th October, you would have had your heart first drop when we first sat in the boat that would whisk us away from The Beach House at Ggaba Beach to our destination- Bulago Island, one hour and twenty minutes away. You would have grabbed the boat sides for support, as Godfrey, our navigator started the engine.

You would have listened to the anxiety in the chuckles as we prayed that the boat would start. And when it did start, you would have joined us in the laughter as we waved goodbye to Ggaba and cracked jokes about the dirty green water, which one writer, would later describe as the color of vomit in