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Double Your Money by Aga Sekalala Snr.

Aga Sekalala Snr.

A legendary household name on the Ugandan business scene, Mr Sekalala Snr shares about his early childhood, his first foray into business setting the mark for his vast business empire across different sectors. In this book, you will learn about the power of persistence, integrity in the service industry, knowing when to open a business and when to close one, building bankable networks, loyalty and betrayal. In most of his business ventures, Mr Sekalala treads where no one gone before and sets the standards and stage for the industry he invests in. Most of all, he shares valuable anecdotes from his life's journey that will help anyone looking to start, scale up and maintain a viable business in Uganda. He shares how he has grown his businesses across different regimes in Uganda, and on the power of starting with what you have and where you are at and slowly growing to scale.

It is not a 'I-started-selling-two-tomatoes-and-one-pineapple-and-now-own-several-strings-of-businesses-and-malls' business model Ugandan story, with lots of glaring gap or a 'tenderpreneur' business model, but rather a story of building one industry from scratch and using the same business acumen learnt along the journey to start other businesses in the hospitality, service and agricultural sectors.


When Samuel Sejjaaka reached out last November to ask whether SuccessSpark Brand would be interested in providing editing services on a friend's book project, I happily accepted. We discussed how we needed to translate the book from Uglish to standard English. Thanks Samuel Sejjaaka for the introduction and for believing in our work. Much, much appreciated. 

When I met Aga Sekalala Jnr to discuss the project last November, he stated that he wanted the book out by December 2018. I advised that the one month notice was not feasible and asked whether he would be flexible to have the book out in 2019. He was. The hardest part - the writing had already been done- but other processes like editing [where we came in], lay-out and design, and printing copies would take longer. 

Getting a good product on the market takes time and cannot be rushed. Thank you Aga Sekalala Jnr for taking a chance on us

The book costs 20,000 ugx and can be bought from Aristoc.