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Jackee and the students on 25th February 2017 One Day Book Writing Masterclass Jackee and the students on 25th February 2017 One Day Book Writing Masterclass

We opened our doors in April 2015 with a one-day book writing masterclass. The class of six students comprised of a manager of a well-known furniture shop, a high school teacher, a surgeon, a card maker/ decorator, a lawyer and marketer.

From the onset, we wanted to run small intimate classes in order to create a sense of community. We envisaged the students staying in touch after the workshops and continuing to encourage each other’s writing journey.

SuccessSparkBrand Limited purposed to run writing classes for people with a burning story to tell, who normally do not have access to the literary-run donor funded workshops nor have the time to go through the rigorous application processes that a number of these opportunities demand.

We were cognizant that there was a vibrant writing community out there surviving on the periphery of the mainstream literary writing communities. Many of these writers are lone soldiers working in solitude without access to constructive feedback. They are only powered by the burning need to tell their stories and often  self-published books that still required work.

SuccessSpark Brand created packages to help aspiring writers by intervening early in the process and working with them to improve their writing, equipping them with the skills on to effectively brand themselves and monetize their work.

We also provide ghostwriting services, professional / business writing classes, book editing retreats, and publishing advisory services.

Mission: To inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of writers by providing the skills, tools, branding and marketing needed to bring new stories to the market.

Vision: SuccessSpark Brand envisions an African continent where legacy minded leaders tell their stories in book form.