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The Team


Content Development and Client Relations

Rachel Lawino is the client relations and events coordinator with SuccessSpark Brand where she brings a wealth of over seven years experience as a dedicated and knowledgeable client relations manager and lecturer in the banking and educational sector. She has worked with a myriad of clients both local and international. She boasts of impeccable communications, events planning, and customer liaison skills. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Makerere University Business School. She is a lover of the literary arts and loves to read in her pastime. 


Social Media and Digital Imagery 

Solomon Luzinda holds a diploma in Video Production and an advanced diploma in Multimedia from Lambeth College in the United Kingdom, and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from United Media Consultants and Trainers Kampala, Uganda. He worked as a video advocacy assistant at the Refugee Law Project, where he supported the production of award winning documentaries on issues affecting refugees and internally displaced people. Solomon produces multi-media content for NGOs and films, edits, writes scripts and directs productions. He also produces event video production and photography for corporate events or filming at conferences or workshops.


Web and Graphics Design

Paul Sengooba is a graphics and web-designer, and a technology enthusiast with skills in hardware and software management. He has created and managed websites for several companies including Tight Budget Group, Rural Reform Uganda, and the Nevender Legacy website. He has produced logos and poster designs for events and other projects. He manages the social media content on all platforms for The Nevender Legacy, Nutrition N Mor, Vial Graphics, and Dream X Magazine. He is well adapted to the ever-changing technologies in the computer world. To view some of the design works visit www.facebook.com/vialgraphics